Former Apple executive starting secret startup named Black Pearl, working on cloud-based TV?

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Black Pearl Systems may very well be the most interesting tech startup that you’ve probably never even heard anything about. The new company, which has been founded by former Apple executive Tim Bucher, has recently been on a hiring spree, hiring away employees from many tech companies around the Silicon Valley area, including people who worked for Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. While no one for sure knows exactly what the company does (besides Bucher and his team, obviously), GigOM has been hard at work trying to uncover some of the secrets behind Black Pearl. One thing is for sure, Bucher is keeping Apple-like secrecy about this new company.

According to the report, the company is most likely working on an Android tablet as its first product, and the tablet will look very similar to Sony’s old Tablet S. In addition to the tablet, it appears as if the company is also going to launch a companion product with the tablet that will wirelessly stream content to a user’s TV. As GigOM points out, however, the company is not only looking to offer up tablets and other physical products.

A bunch of folks at Black Pearl have serious cloud creds, and the company is looking to hire more cloud and big data people “to build massively scalable services that will act as the brains for a seamless user experience across billions of connected devices,” as one of the job offers on its home page states.

The report goes on to say that Black Pearl is currently working on iOS and Android apps, as well as apps for Windows and Mac users. Black Pearl’s new system has been described as a “Sonos, but for all your media.”

While it is still very unclear at this point exactly what Black Pearl is up to, I hope that some of these rumors are true. As noted by many companies, TV could be the next big market to be transformed, and advancing cloud based TV media would be a great step forward in the technology world. I would love to have a system that every device could connect to, and I sure hope that Black Pearl is working on game-changing products and services.

Source: GigOM

Via: 9to5Mac

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