Flipboard update allows users to collaborate to create magazines


In an effort to increase customer interactivity, Filpboard has announced an update to its iOS and Android applications that allows users to actually collaborate together to create their own magazines. You can now invite people to contribute to a magazine, who can then submit articles, pages, or stories to the collaborative mag through the mobile Flipboard app or the browser bookmarklet. Also helpful is the ability to receive feedback from other Flipboard users on a custom magazine.

The concept of user-created magazines was first announced this March, and actually helped Flipboard gain an additional 6 million users in just one month! With this new collaberation feature, that number is sure to increase even more.

Are you interested in reading/writing a magazine created by your peers, or would you prefer to leave the journalism to the professionals? Sound off in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: The Next Web

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  • shoesmith81

    I must say I like a mixture of professional journalists and indie bloggers. Sometimes especially in the case the case of technology I like to read articles from bloggers who have a passion for the subjects they write about.
    In terms of Flipboard I’m not personally a fan of it. I like to read my news primarily via RSS or picking up links via twitter. 
    I’m personally looking forward to the new twitter feature in Mavericks where i can read articles from the people and websites I follow on twitter. 
    Keep up the good work. Todays iPhone is one of the first sites I go to for my iPhone news fix and have you guys on a number of twitter lists.

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