Feedly app update, now relies on its own cloud-based service, Google Reader not needed


As many of you will know, Google Reader is set to shut down next month. Many, many companies have seemingly rushed out alternatives in an effort to gain from Reader’s demise. One in particular who has gained many new users is Feedly. But, until now, it still needed Reader access to work.

Feedly announced today that it’s launched its own cloud-based backend, which means once you’ve imported all your subscriptions, you no longer need a Google Reader account to use it. It supports itself. This is great news, especially when you combine it with the news that – last month – it announced that it would be supporting other aggregation apps like Reeder and Newsify.

Along with the news is also the updated app which – of course – makes use of the new cloud service.

What’s New in Version 16.0.1

Now powered by the feedly cloud. Let’s all wish a happy retirement to Google Reader.

The new Feedly update is available for free on the App Store now and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

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  • GautamSampathkumar

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