FAA may allow iPads and e-readers during takeoff and landing

iPad Plane

For anyone who has ever flown on a commercial flight, you know that one of the most annoying things on a flight can be the requirement to turn off your e-reader for both takeoff and landing. Fortunately for readers and iPad users, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking to relax some of the rules on the use of technology during takeoff and landing of the planes.

According to airline research, many passengers do not comply with the rules and simply leave devices on during restricted periods anyway, and the FAA sees e-readers and iPads as technology that could be allowed during the entire flight. Airlines would have to pass certain FAA requirements to be allowed to follow the new rules, and this would mean that passengers would not have to turn off their electronic devices. Unfortunately, these lesser restrictions do not apply to cell phones, and phones will still be prohibited for use during flights.

While this change in rules is not official, I for one am glad to see this change taking place. As someone who will be going to college next year, and will fly home fairly often, I love the idea of being able to use my iPad for the entire flight. Waiting 10 minutes during the flight isn’t a huge inconvenience for me, but I know that many people do not turn these devices off as it is, and this change in rules would allow people to read their e-readers during takeoff just like they could a regular book.

What do you think about this change in rules? Are you glad that the FAA is making changes to accommodate the new technology?

Source: AppleInsider

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