Emergency alerts enabled for AT&T iPhone users

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With the announcement of iOS 6 last year, Apple introduced a new feature that would allow AMBER Alerts and Emergency Alerts to show in the Notification Center of iOS devices, but they were not enabled for all iOS users. The notifications were enabled by carrier, and Verizon and (some) Sprint users had access to the new government alerts, but AT&T users were left out.

Today, however, AT&T announced that iPhone 4S and 5 users will now have access to government alerts through their settings menu. The over the air update, which has been required by law, will be coming to users soon.

These are government-issued safety messages that include AMBER Alerts, emergency alerts – such as man-made or natural disasters, and Presidential alerts.

Wireless Emergency Alerts are part of the FCC’s CMAS program and are mandated by law.  You may turn off alerts (except for Presidential alerts) if you choose.  Go to Settings >Notifications>Turn On/Off.

Are you glad to see this feature coming to AT&T users, or do you see the government alerts as a useless setting? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Adriannavarro

    *ios 7

  • Danny Kim

    how to you have a major typo like that in the first 6 word of the article.

  • dmac81

    Guys that is right, it was announced with iOS 6 and will continue to be supported in iOS 7

  • griffkoupal

    @Danny Kim
    It was not a typo, Apple announced the feature a year ago with iOS 6. I’ve had it since I got my iPhone 5 last September on Sprint.

  • griffkoupal

    @Danny Kim
     I have updated the post to make it more clear. Sorry for the confusion.