Detailed ‘low-cost iPhone’ 3D render published [photos]

While none of us is really sure whether or not Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone is to be a real product, the constant rumors and information surrounding it would indeed point towards something happening. At the very least, Cupertino’s designers and engineers have  researched and prototyped the device.

Recently we’ve seen leaked schematics showing us what the device may look like (according to manufacturers of cases), and rumors have stated it’s to be a plastic-backed device with a 4-inch non-Retina display. We’re told to expect it to be thicker, wider and taller than the iPhone 5, and that it’s aimed primarily at the emerging markets of South America and Asia. Price-wise, it’s speculated to come in at $300-$400 SIM-Free and may not even make it to Western shores. One thing we’ve not seen yet is a look at the device in its entirety.

Thankfully, AppleInsider has saved us from our uncertainty, and published some fantastic, detailed renderings based on the rumors we’ve heard so far.

render-130621-1As you can see from the image, the sides are slightly curved around the edges and – like the iPhone 5 – the Lightning port and headset jack are both placed at the bottom of the device along with the microphone and speaker.

render-130621-2Perhaps the biggest change is the pill-shaped volume buttons. From the front the device looks like any other iPhone, but it’s the thicker body and button shapes that set it apart. Screen resolution is very rarely included in any mockup.

All-in-all it’s the best representation yet of the budget iPhone. Or at least, what the rumors and leaks are saying about it. As mentioned already, we don’t know if it’s a real device, or if it’s coming to market. So, until Apple’s chiefs get up on stage at a launch event to tell us everything we’ve already heard, it doesn’t exist.

Via: AppleInsider


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