Cool iOS 7 feature: Redeem iTunes Gift Cards using your camera

gift card scanAn awesome feature – also available on Mac since iTunes 11 launched – has made its way to iOS 7. If you purchase a iTunes Gift Card, instead of redeeming it by typing in the long collection of random numbers and letters, you can now use your iPhone’s camera to scan the code.

To use it in iOS 7 you open up the App Store app, hit Redeem and you’ll the screen above (left). Hit ‘use camera’ and you’ll be taken to the a camera interface. It’s all rather clever. It is picky about which gift cards it accepts though, as it won’t be able to scan codes if they don’t have a box around the 16-digit code. It’s also picky about which camera it can use. It only uses the rear-side iSight camera. FaceTime camera will not work.

If you’ve downloaded and installed the beta version of iOS 7, what’s your favorite little feature so far?

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  • shoesmith81

    This is nice! I buy a £15 iTunes card every month. It’s such a pain in the bum typing the number in. Nice little feature.

  • jack3dfx

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!