Can it be cool to have a cracked screen?

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Cracked iPhone

If any of you are anything like me, you protect your phone. A lot. I for one treat my phone as if it is incredibly fragile, even if I know it’s durable enough to survive some falls. I’m afraid to drop my phone, and if I do, my heart sinks. My biggest concern is dropping my phone and shattering my its screen. Most people I know are horrified at the idea of cracking their screen as well. However, recently the Kansas City Star had a story online that piqued my interest. The story made a claim that, as a tech blogger, I was both intrigued and horrified: the article claims that it is now cool to walk around with a cracked screen on your phone.

After reading the article, my first thought was, “who could ever think that having a damaged device was cool?” I understand some of the arguments being made. Yes, it is expensive to repair a damaged screen for an iPhone. No, I probably wouldn’t spend the money to replace the screen if I was close to completing my contract and upgrading my phone. But is it true to say that having a cracked screen is “the new status symbol”?

In addition to having a cracked screen, it is apparently also “cool” to color in the cracks on the screen and to make a cool design out of it. From the article:

“Color it in,” said Wilson, a student at Maple Woods Community College. “I’ve had friends that tried to crack their screen on purpose so they could Sharpie it.”

Now I may be in the minority here, but I feel like cracking your screen on purpose just to Sharpie the screen seems ridiculous. After spending hundreds of dollars on a phone, I am always sure to take care of it as well as I can. With a cracked screen, I understand that there is always the risk of cracking it more or even cracking it to the point where glass shards can come loose.

Readers, what do you think? Am I in the minority thinking that having a cracked screen isn’t cool, or do you agree? Would you leave your screen cracked, or even color in the cracks to make a cool design? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this “new status symbol.” Also be sure to check out the original Kansas City Star article at the source link below, and give us your thoughts!

Source: Kansas City Star

Image via: Phone-Techs

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  • Starrygirl75

    I would be horrified to have a cracked screen on my Iphone! I can’t stand to have tiny scratches on the screen, or even scuffs on my case. If I cracked my screen and was still early in my contract, I’d rather use my old 4s or I’d be hitting craiglist to look for another phone. I’d probably check prices on replacing the screen first though. My phone is important to me, so I take care of it. Accidents happen, but I just couldn’t use a trashed looking phone. I’d get it fixed or replace it.

  • Moomy

    That must be why they are at community college…cracked screens are not cool. If they were logical at all they would sell their nice phone and buy an already cracked one online.

  • spraggy_

    I think it’s more the back glass than the front screen. Google it. I mean it does look pretty awesome. But I would probably cry my eyes out if my shattered my actual screen.

  • Jiminy_Ts

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  • Jiminy_Ts

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