Best Buy to relaunch “free iPhone 5” trade-in offer

Best Buy is planning to relaunch its incredibly successful “free iPhone 5” trade-in offer tomorrow.

The scheme ran for one day earlier this month, with Best Buy claiming it was the company’s most successful device trade-in day ever. Under the offer, Best Buy will offer a minimum of $150 for an iPhone 4S in “good” condition”. When you combine this payout with Best Buy’s $50 off iPhone 5 campaign that is already running, you end up with a saving of $200, enough to cover the upfront cost of the iPhone 5 on-contract ($199), making your iPhone essentially free, hence the name.

The program will launch tomorrow, with more focused advertising to being on Sunday. The scheme will run until June 29, giving you just 9 days to get your old iPhone traded in, with the chance to pick up an iPhone 5 with no upfront cost.

Providing your iPhone isn’t totally busted up, trading in your iPhone is a surefire way to start-up a new contract with an iPhone 5. The scheme proved incredibly popular last time, as mentioned, the scheme got Best Buy its most successful trade-in day ever, so obviously, lots of people were willing to take advantage of it last time.

However, as picked up on by 9to5 Mac, there are a couple of drawbacks to the offer.

Firstly, T-Mobile is not included in the deal, so you can only trade in Verizon, AT&T and Sprint iPhones, secondly, if your phone is deemed to be worth more than $150, you get the remainder on a gift card, rather than receiving a further discount on your iPhone.

Furthermore, iPhone 4(s) and 4S(s) in “good” condition are still relatively valuable, and you might find that by shopping around websites such as Gazelle and Amazon, you can actually get a bit more money from your iPhone, with Amazon offering upwards of $300 on some devices.

Personally, picking up an iPhone 5 in June probably isn’t the smartest move. As you well know, there are many rumors circulating regarding the release of a cheaper, budget iPhone. Regardless of whether these are true or not, Apple will still release an iPhone at the end of this year, almost certainly. To tie yourself into a 2 year contract just 4-5 months before that release might not be so clever. If it’s the iPhone 5 you’re after, a new release will bring the price of that device down significantly to the point that it’s almost certainly holding out a little longer. Furthermore, if you’re not a serial upgrader, you’ll most likely be stuck with this phone for another two iPhone releases, this year and next. There are also rumors that Apple will begin offering its own trade-ins in the near future.

Nonetheless, we don’t know for certain what the future holds for the iPhone. If you’ve recently found yourself longing for an iPhone upgrade, then Best Buy’s deal, which begins tomorrow, is definitely worth considering.


Via: 9to5 Mac

  • NoneyaEffinBiznass

    They were running this deal last weekend in the Best Buy Mobile store at the local mall. Traded in my 4s and got a new 5 without having to pay anything. They were trying to get me to do the same for my wife’s line since they saw she had an iPhone 4 and guaranteed me that she would get at least $150 for it.

  • NoneyaEffinBiznass

    Also from what I’ve seen around here the used market has dried up considerably since T-mobile got the iPhone 5. I see a lot of the same ads being renewed on craigslist every few days which tells me that they’re just not selling like they used to.
    I’m sure if I was patient I could’ve gotten another $50 or so to sell it myself (I got $170 from BB) but then there is the added hassle of having to use time and gas to meet up with the person and the possibility of them flaking out which seems to happen a LOT with people on CL.