AT&T GoPhone service now offering 4G LTE speeds


Until recently, AT&T prepaid service called GoPhone was 3G only. However, the second-largest US carrier announced today that GoPhone customers now have access to faster data speeds on both its HSPA+ and LTE networks! As far as devices are concerned, AT&T added the Samsung Galaxy Express to its GoPhone lineup, and has stated that customers can also bring their own HSPA+ or LTE gadget to the party.

In terms of pricing, the updated GoPhone service includes the basic $35 monthly plan that offers 500 minutes of nationwide calling, unlimited data and unlimited messaging. There’s also a $50 unlimited talk and text plan, but with Wi-Fi data only. What’s more, the carrier doubled the amount of data available for its flagship $60/month plan, which now offers 2 gigs with unlimited calling and texting. You can even up that to 3 gigabytes for an extra ten dollars per month.

If you don’t use too much data, you can even opt for just 200MB of data per month which will run you $40 a month and includes 500 voice minutes and unlimited messaging. It’s worth noting that, with this plan, you’ll be charged an extra $5 for every 100 MB you go over you limit.

These new data plans go live on June 21, and include international texts from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada and 100 other countries.


Via: iDownloadBlog

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