AT&T drops 16GB iPhone 5 to $99 as part of a 50% off smartphone promotion


Earlier this morning Walmart began an awesome new deal offering all 16GB iPhone 5 units for $129 on a two-year contract. Perhaps the best part is that this deal isn’t a special promotional offer, it’s here to stay. But, in the short term the supermarket giant has been trumped by the once exclusive carrier of the iPhone: AT&T.

America’s #2 network provider has slashed a number of its smartphones down as part of its 50% off promotion. Included in that is the iPhone. A 16GB version will only cost you $99 at AT&T, saving a full $30 versus the Walmart price. If you opt for a refurbished model, you can pick one up for just $74.99.

All this dropping in price raises speculation that Apple is wanting to clear its inventory of iPhone 5 units before the arrival of the next generation iPhone. It’s generally expected that the 7th gen model will be the iPhone 5S; a slightly beefed up version of the iPhone 5 featuring a dual LED flash, bigger battery and faster processor.

Via: 9to5Mac

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