Apple warranty policy updated in Belgium, now gives buyers 2 years to comply with EU law


Here in Europe, EU law states that consumer electronics should come with at least 2 years of warranty coverage from the manufacturer/retailer. Up until today, Apple wasn’t working in compliance with that specific law. An issue which caused some problems for the Mac-makers in Europe (particularly in Italy). The company has been in a handful of several class action lawsuits and consumer complaints for that very reason.

Today, Apple has updated its policy to fall in line with the continental law, and now gives a two year guarantee on an electronic product purchased through the Apple online store. As reported by Apple Nieuws Vlaanderen (via: TNW):

All products purchased from Apple, including non-Apple products, are covered by the statutory warranty of two years from the seller to deliver goods which is consistent with the agreement, set out in Articles 1649bistot 1649octies of the Civil Code, and the legal guarantee for hidden defects, provided for in Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.

We’re yet to hear if this change has been applied to policies in other EU countries, but we’ll update you if we get any more information.

Via: TNW

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