Apple, like Google making adoption rate pie-charts easily available. On the offense or defense?

One thing is clear having watched Apple’s execs on stage during the opening keynote address of WWDC 2013: Apple’s chiefs have changed tactics. Previously very quiet on any matter – unless hassled endlessly – very rarely would the executives take clear digs against their rivals.

Normally just a short quip or comparison, Tim Cook compared various aspects of iOS’ success versus Android. While Google’s platform may take more market share, iOS gadgets are used much more, make more money and are more up to date.

During the keynote you may remember seeing the comparison of iOS adoption versus Android adoption. It’s no pretty picture for Google. 93% of customers are using iOS 6, the latest publicly available version of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system. In comparison, The largest majority of Android users are still using Gingerbread.

iOSvsAndroid.062013While the charts are normally shown off at major launches, they’re rarely made public afterwards. But, in an effort to either convince developers they’ve made the right choice with iOS or dissuade them from even bothering making apps for Android, Apple has now published the information in its developer portal.

Android.Play.Stats.062013While it’s perfectly fine for Apple to show these figures to the people who care most, it does pose the question: What’s the motive? Is it an offensive or a defensive move? Are Cupertino’s chiefs feeling confident and ballsy, or is it a knee-jerk reaction to Android’s continuing market share dominance?

Personally, I’m of the opinion that Apple’s simply reinstating its belief that it has the best mobile operating system. It’s the most used, most profitable, its customers are much happier and much more up to date. Now, what doesn’t show up on the chart is which devices are running iOS 6. We know that the iPhone 3GS does support the software but misses some of the key features like Siri. A breakdown would be useful here, for sure.

What do you think? Is it Apple showing Google who’s boss, or is it a bullied company, backed in to a corner coming out with the only thing it has left? Let me know your thoughts on this move.

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