Apple and other tech companies being sued over PRISM

nsaIf you have heard any news regarding the NSA and its PRISM project, then this news should have been expected. Apple, along with other large tech companies, are all a part of a class action lawsuit dealing with the NSA, saying that the supposed involvement of the companies is a breach of privacy. Other people/companies/organizations being sued include: President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, NSA Director Keith Alexander, the NSA, the U.S. Department of Justice, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Skype, AOL, Yahoo, PalTalk, AT&T, Sprint, and each company’s respective CEO. Klayman, one of the plaintiffs of the case, said this in a statement:

This and the Verizon class action will serve to unify all political and social persuasions in our great nation to wage a second American revolution, one that is peaceful and legal – but pursued with great resolve and force. Government dishonesty and tyranny against the people have reached historic proportions during the last three administrations in particular, and the time has come for We the People to rise up and reclaim control of our nation. If not, the government will control us and this will mark the end of individual liberties. The American people can thus use these class actions to ‘man the barricades of freedom’ against the establishment government despots and their corporate enablers who seek to enslave them through coercive abuses of their privacy. This Orwellian power grab can only be intended to blackmail the masses into submission in order that these modern day greedy tyrants achieve their corrupt ends.

Many people and other organizations are also filing suit against the program, and many more will most likely follow. It’s unclear, however, if Apple and Tim Cook will be included in the other lawsuits, like he and the other CEOs/tech companies were in this one. Other suits are being more specific than this one, going directly at Verizon, who is supposedly behind a large part of this PRISM hubbub.

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