AAPL stock down following WWDC keynote iOS 7 reveal. Sigh…

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If there’s one particular group of people I aim my frustration and disbelief at often it’s analysts and investors. And, there’s yet more evidence that when it comes to expectations from Apple, they got it completely wrong again, and it’s affected Apple’s stock market value.

Since January we’ve been reading and dismissing rumors of crazy rumors like the iRing-controlled Apple TV, June/July release of iPads and iPhones and the ever present mythical iWatch. Anyone who knows Apple will know that – although the company may well be working on them – there was never any real evidence (leaked parts etc) that they were anywhere near ready for launch. So, when Apple announces its biggest and most exciting version of iOS to date and AAPL stock goes down, you’ve got to ask where the problem lies.

The most telling quote is from Brian Collelo, analyst from Morningstar:

Investors would be much more excited if there was a new Apple TV or an Apple iWatch. I am sure some investors out there were hoping for a different iPhone product or an iPad announcement.

So, investors were expecting or – at least – wanting Cupertino to casually enter a brand new product category and release it during an event which over the past couple of years has become purely focussed on software and not hardware.

Since Monday, AAPL share price has dropped 1%. I guess one good thing is that Apple – although frustrated by it – don’t live to please investors or the stock market. So we can be sure of one thing: If/when Apple releases an iWatch or a TV, it’ll have been worked on and perfected for years before it arrives. It won’t be rushed to market just to make Wall Street happy.

Cue the “Apple is doomed” articles…

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  • BillThomas

    The stock market just sucks and everything is down…..google took more of a hit yesterday then Apple did!

  • This sentiment reminds me of some posts I saw yesterday of people complaining about the iOS 7 beta being full of bugs, or better yet, people complaining that they have to jump through hoops to get it. What part of “World Wide /DEVELOPER/ Conference” do people not get?

  • arikala

    Some investors thought there might be a surprise announced, and there wasnt – so the stock went slightly down.
    iOS7 redesign got a mixed reaction – so the stock went slightly down.
    What is so difficult to understand about that?

  • GhaelFobes

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • GhaelFobes

    It does truly show how little Wall Street anylists pay attention to the tech side of Apple’s business. Anylists should not give completely false information about Apple being doomed. I bet none of those analysts have done any innovation. Apple did fantastic at WWDC.

  • dchoe37

    You live and die by the sword. These are the same analysts and investors that pushed the stock to $700. Apple was never as great as the $700 price the analysts and investors made it be and the stock isn’t as pathetic now these same people that are pounding the stock into the 400’s

  • fbrosmy

    I am a longtime Apple user and am completely in agreement with the stockmarket. It’s not about an iWatch, but direction they took iOS. All their differentiating factors are gone – with intuitivity that has been their traditional strength for years. They won’t sell more 5s than 5.