6 Jailbreak Tweaks I no longer need thanks to iOS 7

6 tweaks featureOne of the great things about the jailbreak community is that – often times – the most popular tweaks make their way (in slightly different form) to official versions of iOS. Clearly, millions downloading a single tweak is evidence to Apple that the platform isn’t quite perfect.

Most recently, the iOS 6 jailbreak tool by the Evad3rs team is the most downloaded jailbreak tool in history, and it’s thanks in part to a handful of incredible tweaks that gave iPhone and iPad users what they really wanted. I myself had a jailbroken phone up until the first beta of iOS 7 landed, and since switching, I’ve not wanted to go back. And it’s mostly because iOS 7 added everything I really wanted to see on my iPhone.

1. Auxo


You can’t mention jailbreaking without mentioning the awesome Auxo tweak. It transformed the multitasking interface into something more beautiful and infinitely more useful. Double-tapping your home button with Auxo installed brings up a card view showing a preview of your app as well as the icon. Deleting running apps was as simple as throwing it off the screen, or tapping and holding an icon to delete all apps from memory.

That’s not all though, sliding across to the left revealed a set of quick-access toggles for controlling services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, Airplane Mode and more. Both the more efficient multitasking and toggles made using iOS so much better. And yet, with iOS 7, I no longer need it.

Multitasking has been drastically changed in to a full-screen interface with cards. Like Auxo, you can throw individual apps off the screen to get them out of your background memory. And – in all honesty – being full screen makes it that much more attractive than Auxo. As for quick-access toggles, we now have Control Center. Simply swipe up from the bottom and you have access to all the services you need quick access to. As much as I loved Auxo, it’s now irrelevant.

2. InfiniFolder


As the name suggests, InfiniFolder allows you to put as many apps as you’d like inside a folder. It’s particularly useful if you have dozens of games and have to split them between folders. Before InfiniFolder, I had 3 games folders, and hated not being able to have all titles together.

With iOS 7, Apple no longer restricts the number of apps allowed inside each folder. This is thanks mostly to the new full-screen folder interface. Whereas folders used to drop down on the home screen, now they have their very own, bespoke part of the OS.

It’s still not perfect for me however. I’d love to be able to nest folders within folders so I could go back to my idea of the perfect OS, but it’s good enough for now.

3. DietBar

iOS 7

DietBar was useful for creating more space on screen. With previous versions of iOS, there have always been fairly large bars at the top and bottom of the screen, cutting down the usable space to a very cramped size. DietBar simply made them much thinner to give you a bigger area to work within. iOS 7 completely rids me of this problem. Bars are translucent, and move out the way all together when you’re using the app.

4. Auto App Updater


No prizes for guessing what this tweak does, and why it’s no longer necessary. Apps now download automatically when an update is due.

5. Safari UniBar


This tweak essentially brought the mobile version of Safari in to the 21st century by joining the address and search bars in to one ‘UniBar’. iOS 7’s default Safari has this feature built in. Tapping on the address bar on the top lets you enter a URL, search item or select one of your most used bookmarked sites.

6. Live Clock


Apple’s clock icon has long been an unchanging icon. It never showed you the actual time, and so, Live Clock changed that up slightly by showing you the current time on the app icon. Again, Apple’s decided it was a good idea to put the feature in as default, and iOS 7’s clock icon updates in real time, complete with a moving, red second hand.

I’d love to hear from you what tweaks you’ll no longer need with iOS 7. Which are your favorite tweaks you’ll be sorry to say goodbye to? Or will you refuse to update until a jailbreak for iOS 7 is released? Use the comments, or tweet me: @TiP_Cam .

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  • SmittyofDHS

    Flashlight apps due to iOS 7 control center, 1Password for both OS X & iOS due to Keychain in iCloud, and depending upon the filters in the new photo app maybe Instagram.

  • TiP_Cam

    @SmittyofDHS Steady there, the “apps I no longer need” post is in the works. ;-)

  • LoveHarris

    Hopefully the list will become longer by the time the OS is released. And HOPEFULLY the list of apps I don’t need gets longer in future updates to iOS 7. I think Ive and Federighi are on the right path to making iOS as beautiful and advanced as Apple’s hardware, because God knows it was getting less and less current/advanced as technology is quickly advancing past what it had to offer before iOS 7.

  • what displeases me most in iOS 7 is its design, On one side we are offered screens more defined and detailed (with a surge of resolutions), and other interfaces more more simplistic, less worked with united funds. Simplistic representation (Flat Design) is prefered to realism (skeuomorphisme particular).