5 million videos uploaded to Instagram in first 24 hours


Just yesterday, Instagram announced that it has decided to take on Vine, the popular Twitter owned video sharing app. The Facebook owned social image sharing network introduced the new Instagram video feature that allows users to take 15 second videos and share them with their friends on the app for both iOS and Android.

Instagram’s 130 million users uploaded 5 million videos in the past day, and at one point, users were uploading 40 hours of video per minute. This peak occurred during last night’s NBA Finals game 7. This number proves that Instagram can compete with Vine by adding the feature to an already existing large user base.

As someone who hasn’t created a Vine account yet, Instagram’s announcement of the inclusion of video makes me more likely to use Instagram, since I already have an account with the network. It is incredible, however, to see a new feature so widely adopted in just one day. While the feature is new to the app, it is still a feature that has been around for months with Vine, which is why it’s surprising that it has become so popular with Instagram.

Do you prefer Instagram’s new video feature, or Vine? Which features make you choose one app over the other? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: CNET 

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  • TimPossibleOne

    Instagram and Vine may have the numbers and popularity, but they pale in comparison to Streamzoo.