5.7-inch iPhone concept imagines what an Apple “phablet” might look like [video]

One of the UK’s most popular tech magazines has published video showing off what it thinks a phablet might look like if it was designed by Apple. While no one is quite sure if Cupertino’s designers are even considering such a large device, it’s interesting to see what other designers think of the idea.

The video places the 5.7″ iPhone alongside the iPhone 5 and 4/4S and shows off some its new wanted features. If the designers have their way, a future, larger iPhone would be home to a 1920×1080 display and a new quad-core A7 processor. Both are packed inside a mythical hassis that looks like a larger version of the iPhone 5. The body is 5.7 inches tall, 3.16 inches wide and 0.3 inches thin and weighs 6.34 ounces. That’s 0.2 ounces lighter than a Nokia Lumia 920.

While I love the video, music and idea behind the concept, I’m not convinced Apple will release one. At least not in the next couple of years. Also, it has to be said: It does look like a Samsung Galaxy Note with an Apple Home Button on the front.

What do you think to the idea of a larger Apple iPhone? Do we need one, or are perfectly happy with the 4-inch version?

Via: T3 YouTube Channel

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  • an iPhone of 5.7′ with iPen as the S-pen of the galaxynote2, the dream of any Apple fan boy :D

  • Hammy2332

    Wow! I’ve seen a lot of iPhone concept videos but this one definitely stands out as among the best. Not just the actual rendering of the model, but also the production of the video. From the elegantly integrated graphics explaining the features, to song selection,
    to the screen transitions, everything about the video screams Apple. Awesome job to all involved in the production. I know it’s a long shot but, fingers crossed in the hopes that Apple goes in this direction.