Top 5 Stories This Week: Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, Google’s threat to Apple and more…

top 5 stories

Although this week has been predominantly about the Google I/O conference, there’s been plenty of interesting iOS stories flying around this week. Whether you’re interested in seeing what Apple might have up its sleeve for 2013, or you like looking at great concepts, there’s been a mixture of everything in this week’s top stories. As always, the headlines are the links to the original articles.

1. A more realistic take on iOS 7′s flatter, cleaner look

While we’ve seen plenty of concepts and ideas for what designers would like iOS 7 to look like, few have actually sought to clarify what Apple’s most likely direction will be. Using the pattern of popular native iOS apps from companies like Dropbox, Facebook and Google, he designs a flatter and gloss-free finish to Apple’s own app icons.

2. 4 Reasons Apple should be worried by Google’s announcements [Editorial]

Google’s opening keynote to I/O was virtually impossible to ignore, and not just because hundreds of people were walking around with Glass on their faces, or bagging free Pixels. Google announced 4 key new products/services that will have a direct impact on iOS users’ experience of using iPhones and iPads. I breakdown my thoughts on how these will both benefit and hopefully light a competitive fire under Apple’s backside.

3. Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 – In Depth Comparison

I was kindly loaned a Galaxy S4 this week, and so I compared it with the iPhone 5 across a series of features. Is Samsung’s killer Android device going to be the major turning point for the Korean tech giant in the war against Apple?

4. Intel said “no” to powering first iPhone

Unusually, Intel turned down the opportunity of using its chips inside the original iPhone. And so, Apple went looking to other providers for chips.

5. iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/6 concept shows off stylish device and minimalist Lock Screen

Last but not least, an awesome iPad mini styled iPhone concept showed up this week with an awesome Lock Screen. Basically, think a tiny iPad mini with Google Now running on the Lock Screen and you’re 90% there.

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