TiP Daily 5/9/13: iPhone 5S leak, iRadio delay, & more! [VID]

1. Universal Music agreement

This is one of the first concretely positive things we’ve heard about Apple’s iRadio service in a while. It’s definitely great news to hear that such a major record label is getting on board with Apple. It took some serious convincing back when iTunes was first launching, and obviously that turned out pretty well, so hopefully Apple can get the rest of the music companies on board with iRadio. Though, it seems like it won’t be an easy journey…

2. iRadio put on hold

Strangely, the same day that news breaks about Universal agreeing to the iRadio service, a story circulated claiming Sony Music had done the opposite. Apple and Sony have reportedly hit a standstill in the negotiations, which is super unfortunate because it seemed like iRadio might actually become a thing for all of five seconds.

3. “4G iPhone 6” shows up

An employee snapped a picture of a reference to a “4G iPhone 6” in Vodafone’s internal system. While it’s definitely easy to get excited about something like this, it is important to remember that Apple is very tightlipped about next-gen iPhone information. It’s pretty unlikely that a Vodafone employee could stumble so easily upon some real information. The name in the system is probably just a placeholder until Apple officially announces the followup to the iPhone 5.

4. iPhone 5S leaked piece

Leaked pieces like this are exciting for a few reasons. While something this small doesn’t really tell us what the next iPhone is going to look like or what features it will have, it does tell us that Apple is constantly trying to innovate and make as many improvements as possible. What’s more, these sorts of leaks usually start to show up as we get closer and closer to a launch, so this leak (if it’s legit) could indicate the next iPhone is not too far down the road!

Question of the day: If you had to choose, would you rather Apple release an iPhone 6 or a streaming iRadio service? Let me know in the comments section below or hit me up on twitter @TiP_Jake.



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  • Cristian

    When are you Yanks going to understand the concept of chronological order? 5/9/13 means 5th Sept 2013. Learn, people!!