TiP Daily 5/17/13: BBM for iPhone, Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, & more! [VID]

1. iOS 7 concept

iOS 7 is the thing I’m most looking forward to on Apple’s horizon – even more than the iPhone 5S. Having to wait until WWDC is tough, but looking at iOS 7 concepts is a great way to pass the time. This latest concept incorporates the “flat” design that Johny Ive is rumored to be embracing, but takes it one step further by offering the capability of turning the “flatness” on or off! It’s something that Apple would never offer, and the design leaves much to be desired, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless.

2. No BBM for iPad

I’m pretty surprised that Blackberry finally bit the bullet and developed a version of BBM for iPhone. A few years ago, I was sure the company would do something like this, but over time I lost confidence (and interest) in an iOS flavor of BBM. It’s interesting that Blackberry opted not to offer the service to tablets or desktop computers, sticking solely to smartphones, but in a way I think it makes sense. It preserves the text message quality of the service, whereas offering it on the iPad or computers would turn BBM into just another instant messaging client.

3. Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

Cam has finally finished his very detailed comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, two of the hottest smartphones on the market right now. The results are very interesting, but still sort of up for interpretation. When it comes down to it, I still think smartphone preference is totally up to an individual user. Spec sheets and feature lists don’t matter nearly as much (especially on such a high and near-equal level) as which device feels better for a particular customer.

Question of the day: Will you use BBM for iPhone when it launches? I can’t see myself using it over iMessage. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.

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  • MarkLong1

    The S4 and iPhone 5 are not near equal level. The S4 is the much much better device. Hopefully the iPhone 6 will be able to give it more competition. Im pulling for you Apple. Whether people realize it or not, Apple is the pulse of and sets the tone for this industry. Not for mmuch longer if they don’t do something major with their next major release.

  • Coool
    for best roms for s4