SwannSmart Camera: A budget-friendly way to monitor your home

swannsmartWhen it comes to protecting your house there are so many ways you could go about it. You could spend thousands installing cameras and motion sensors, all hooked up to a multi-feed system outputting images to a whole wall full of screens. You could also install a state-of-the-art alarm system. But, if like me, you don’t have the kind of disposable income available to do either of those, there’s another option: iPhone connected security cameras.

I’ve been using the SwannSmart camera for the past few days, and at £89 it offers pretty much all I could ever need in terms of being able to keep an eye on my house.

The camera itself is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, and features a flexible ball and socket joint giving you the freedom to adjust the camera angle to almost any degree you could think of. The main unit screws on to a base/stand which can be fixed to a wall using a couple of included screws, or just sat on a flat surface.

Setting it up is easy. It has Wi-Fi built in enabling to search for it and connect using the Settings menu in your iPhone. It also has an ethernet/LAN connection allowing you to wire it up to your modem. Once that’s done, you open up the SwannSmart app (free on the App Store), configure the camera and create an account for yourself.

Once paired, the Swann camera streams the video content to a private, secure cloud that only you or authorized users can gain access to. Opening the app allows you to view the stream from your iPhone with ease, and if you’ve got more than one SwannSmart camera set up, you can view them all from one device. Then, if something shifty is going on at your house you can record video or take a photo of the live streaming feed which saves to your phone as hard evidence to your Photo Album.

All-in-all, I’ve been impressed with the camera, and Swann’s subscription service is great value for money too. The free account gives you unlimited access to your video feed, camera sharing, camera configuration, mobile app video recording and snapshots. If you sign up to pay the $5.99 per month ($59 per year) you gain access to extra features including: Motion detection and event capture, mobile notifications and 30 days of online storage.

For more information on SwannSmart, hit: http://swannsmart.com

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