SuperTooth Disco Twin: All of the sound, none of the wires [Review]

SuperTooth is a brand I was only just aware of before being sent the Disco Twin to review. In truth I didn’t know what to expect, but I was definitely intrigued. Thankfully, my intrigue has been justly rewarded.

The Disco Twin lives to solve a problem caused by the rise in portable sound bar style speakers like the Jawbone Jambox and Braven’s speaker lineup. Problem being that although they often have “stereo” technically, you don’t get the full stereo effect because the two tiny speakers are so closed together, and sealed inside one unit. With the Disco Twin you get two 16W speakers, powered by battery and connected by Bluetooth.

They look unique, and each speaker unit has a battery giving it enough power to last up to 10 hours on medium volume or 3-4 on max. What’s particularly great about the Disco Twin however, is its flexibility, helped mostly by its innovative use of Bluetooth. One speaker marked “Master/Left” is the hub. Pair your iPhone or iPad with it and you can use it as a single speaker. Switch on the right speaker and it automatically connects with the Master speaker to give you proper stereo sound. With a 10 meter range, you can have them on opposite sides of the room, or one on each bedside table. Whatever floats your boat.

They’re clearly not  meant to be kept in one place though. I mean, what’s the point having completely wireless speakers if you can’t move them around? They come packaged with a couple of cloth bags to protect the set in transit, so you can take it with you to the office, or wherever you want. If the weather permits, I’m sure they’d provide perfect ambiance to a family picnic, or BBQ. The 32 watts provides ample power, and the tonal depth is surprisingly for a small speaker set powered entirely by battery. And, if that battery does die on you, SuperTooth cleverly decided to ship two power adapters in the box so you can charge them up at the same time.

All in all, it’s a great set of speakers. But, at $199, it is a little pricey and certainly pushes it above the line of low cost audio products in to the mid-range market.

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