STM Grip for iPad: The stylish, slim case with a kick [Review]

STM is well renowned for producing some really great quality accessories. It initially started out with some fantastic bags, but recently spread in to the world of iPhone and iPad cases. It’s no exaggeration to say that everything I’ve used from STM has been fantastic. The Grip for iPad 2/3/4 is no exception and solves the age-old problem of having a case double up as a stand in a unique fashion.

The case is almost entirely made of a stiff and durable plastic. It has ridges coating the entire front and back surfaces, while the inside is covered with a beautiful and texture-full microfiber. All the cutouts are perfectly placed, and leave little margin for error, perfectly surrounding the necessary ports, buttons and the camera. And then comes the interesting part: the kick stand.

Unlike the traditional folio case which uses the inside of the front cover as a base, STM has opted to place a kick stand in the rear shell. In fact, there are two: one small one rather cleverly embedded inside the larger. The longer one is for viewing angles, the smaller for typing. The ridges become infinitely more useful as they also provide the the right grip to hold the stand in place when in use. Opting to do it this way also means the inside of the front cover can be completely flat and smooth and needn’t have any bumps or ridges in it (no stripes across the screen, yey!).

Although more viewing angles would be nice, it has to be said that the Australian bag manufacturer has come up trumps again. What we have in the end is a very light weight, robust, stylish and perfectly practical iPad case that I would personally find difficult to replace with anything else.

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