Still functional Apple I computer sells for $671k


Imagining a tech world without Apple is almost impossible in this day and age. You can’t think of phones without the iPhone, tablets without the iPad or MP3 players without the iPod. But, rewind back 36 years and such markets were only in the imaginations of forward thinking dreamers. Two of those dreamers, both named Steve, just happened to be shaping that very future in a garage in Palo Alto, building the Apple 1.

It’s fair to say, there are few more iconic computers than the very first Apple computer which was little more than a neatly put together motherboard full of chips and components. So, when one comes up for auction, you can probably imagine it fetches a fair few pennies, especially when it still works.

The most recent auction ended with a bid of $671,400 in an auction house in Cologne, Germany. This sum beating the previous record of $640k set at the same location towards the end of 2012. An anonymous bidder placed the winning bid, but is described as being “a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East”.

Crazy to think that when launched this collection of components only cost $666.66 (some $2.5k in today’s money).

Via: Gizmodo, NYT

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