Samsung too cheap to shoot its own print ads, replaces iPhone in model’s hand with photoshopped Galaxy S4

One thing I learned today: there’s a blog dedicated to pointing out every time Samsung copies Apple. Cool idea right? Its latest discovery was some shameless photoshopping by the Korean tech giant in one of its recent print ads.

tumblr_mmwdxmVZLH1r3kdlto1_1280-1Posing for a shoot called “Pretty Woman Lying On The Sofa Holding Her Smartphone“, the model was shot holding an iPhone 3GS (hit here for evidence). The image on the MacBook is one of the originals. The one on the left is the same shoot, but somehow, she’s now magically holding a Galaxy S4 (original image here). Considering the company has a much bigger marketing budget than Apple, this is just ridiculous.

Cheap Samsung. Real Cheap.

Via: CoM
Source: Samsung Copies Apple

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