Samsung aims a dig at Apple (again) with its Galaxy S4 ad [video]

It seems these days that Samsung’s only method of marketing is to take a swipe at Apple. With the Galaxy S3, the company mocked Apple fans lining up for the iPhone outside a store. Since Sammy has proven to have its own “sheep”, it’s had to change that tact, and instead point out a load of really gimmicky features that its Galaxy S4 has that the iPhone doesn’t. Personally, the only cool features on the S4 that I’d like to have are all based around the camera and can easily be replicated with a photography app from the App Store. I couldn’t care less if you can answer your phone without touching it. It’s a phone. It’s supposed to be held. And, if I was at a family barbecue and dared answer the phone, I’m pretty sure I’d be disowned regardless of how much I looked like a Jedi performing a mind trick on my smartphone. Balderdash!

What do you think? Am I overreacting? Or is it really pitiful that Samsung can’t seem to advertize anything without aiming a dig at Apple, like it’s not confident the product can sell itself? Perhaps I’m just taking this too seriously…



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  • MichaelLe1

    Well they are aiming at their biggest competitor,  notice they didn’t even bother with windows phones.

  • JacobKoehler

    Worst. Article. Ever. Those features are pretty sweet. And I still use all of the “gimmicky” features they advertised with my Note 2. Also my buddy who just got the S4 (switched from an iPhone) REFUSED to try any other messaging app because he loved air view so much. U mad bro? -_-

  • maeganb1971

    I like this commercial.

  • BrainRoopull

    Um, in all fairness, Cam, the first commercial I remember from Apple was very much like the ones from Samsung making from iSheep lining up outside of the stores.  This isn’t really an Apple/Samsung thing.  It’s an advertising method that’s been around for ages.I do agree that this method of advertising – if not done right – is obnoxious.  The absolute best commercials make no mention of the competition.  For an example, look at any Coca-Cola commercial ever made.  Going by the commercials, you’d never know there’s such thing as Pepsi. I do think some of the features of the S4 are pretty cool.  Like you said, though, most are easily replicated with apps (especially if you’re already using another Android.)  In fact, some were around before the S4.  the S4 just has them baked into the ROM.  Personally, I’m not a candidate for either device.  The iPhone is just too small and the S4 is just too big.  Like a pair of gloves, I want a phone that fits my hands.  That being said, I’ve learned that I’m more accepting of a phone that’s a tad too big than one that is too small to comfortably type on.

  • In all honesty. I hate the GS4 and the One I think is a way better smartphone. However, I think that commercial was awesome and extremely well made. Good job Samsung on great marketing, but still crappy build materials.

  • JoeBiancofiori

    @JacobKoehler did you seriously say “u mad bro” holy crap that is a blast from the past…keep up with the times son

  • TheScribe

    Samsung is targeting a demographic that tends to move with trends, hence the term ‘iSheep’ that is so popular. Making a competing product feel uncool is actually enough to entice many iPhone users, of course, there’s tens of millions so a fair few that don’t fit into this category are going to feel alienated, but then, the advert also shows the practical advantages of the latest technical innovations and so, if neither this nor an attempt to shift trends appeal by now (the S3 was also an opportune chance to go Samsung) then you’re probably a lost cause for the firm’s devices until the next big innovation that causes devices to have much greater differentiation appears.
    As a Samsung user, or a user of any other device in fact, I do feel shame when I see direct targeting of the competition, on the other hand, I know the kind of demographic the firm is up against and it takes more than just a better device to win over customers (the gap is still too small), likewise, I’d be very stupid to let advertisement campaign angles affect which device I buy for myself.

  • TruthHurts68

    Yah gs4 is still a crappy phone. And their marketing is obnoxious. Wonder why they don’t feature their OS’ UI more? Oh yeah, because its crappy. That’s why.

  • chonex

    If Steve were showing off the air gestures of iOS in an Apple keynote, everyone would be freaking out

  • EthanGates

    There’s actually nothing at all wrong with this ad, your post is biased. I own an iPhone, and, it’s true. They can’t do that.

  • BillThomas

    @JoeBiancofiori  @JacobKoehler lol yea we are far from mad bro…..take it from a former android user it dont matter how cool the features are if the OS dont work with a damn!!!!

  • JoeBiancofiori

    @BillThomas @JacobKoehler
    Right there with you…let android have all the “”cool” new features…my iphone 5 works…too bad they can’t say that :)

  • MuhammadMarsh

    Ravings of a fanboy. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m sure if all these features were in iphone, you’d be flipping like a high chimp. -_-

  • TJ1218

    I saw the humor in the commercial, but that’s just me. I use an iPhone but I didn’t get offended buy the ad. And beyond the S Beam/ Android Beam shot where you could tell the lady was using an iphone. Samsung doesn’t mention Apple or any other manufacturer. Of course we know that’s their number one competitor so that’s most likely who they were referring to, but those features (or gimmicks whatever you wanna call them) can be geared towards all of the other OSes as well. Although I have to say if our next iPhone includes those same “gimmicks” I bet people wont have anything bad to say. Then they will just become the new standard huh?

  • Tuliomesa82

    good luck with that lol, iphones wont have anything of that till the iphone 10