Rumor: “Multiple” new iPhone models to start production in June/July, launch in September


Having been on a visit to tech suppliers in Asia, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has been told that Apple is planning to release multiple new iPhone models in September, with production kicking off in the next couple of months.

Meetings in Hong Kong and Taiwan have led her to believe that there will be more than just an iPhone 5S launching this September. Alongside the 5S, it’s expected that Apple will release the long-rumored “budget” iPhone. Whether there are more than two new phones on the horizon is not mentioned. But, for now, the entire tech world is seemingly convinced that the low cost iPhone is coming. The main aim being to address the large section of the market across the globe who can’t afford to buy a $600+ phone SIM free, and don’t want to pay a high rate for a monthly plan.

While demand has shown that larger screened phones than the iPhone are wanted by consumers, there’s very little news on whether or not Apple will release one this year. Having only increased it for the first time last year, it’s very debatable. And if iPhone 5 supply and demand is anything to go by, Apple seemingly sees no reason to raise the size further.

Huberty writes:

“After a slow start, iPhone 5, is now on track to meet carrier volume expectations and iPhone 4 price cuts could stimulate incremental demand near-term. Carriers see the opportunity for Apple to expand market coverage with 5-inch and lower-priced iPhones over time. TD-LTE licenses, and related phone launches, are expected by year-end.”

So, it’s yet more “confirmation” of what we already thought was happening: an iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone in September.

Via: AppleInsider


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