Rumor: LG to start producing iPad mini Retina display panels next month

iPad mini feature

Yesterday we read reports that Apple is planning on releasing an iPad mini successor towards the back end of this year. While it was certainly not surprising to hear a second generation model following a year after the first one, it’s still not certain whether or not there’s going to be a Retina display in the iPad mini 2. Although the rumor suggested there would be.

Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch has told CNET late on Monday that LG will be the biggest manufacturer of iPad mini Retina displays, and that production could kick off as soon as next month. And – as expected – Apple’s reliance on Samsung for parts is reducing, as LGD looks to be carrying the largest portion of orders.

 “Samsung is currently not in the iPad Mini and they won’t be in the next generation. LGD is becoming a much bigger supplier than before.

If production does start in June/July it would be just right for a Q3 launch. As predicted yesterday.


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