Rovio finally enables cross-device game progess syncing


If – like millions of other people out there – you have Angry Birds, or The Croods installed on multiple iOS devices, you will have undoubtedly have felt the frustration of completing goals and tasks on one device before realizing that same progress is non-existent on an other gadget. Thankfully, Rovio has just announced its Rovio Account which will make that frustration disappear entirely.

Rovio Account will allow you to log in with compatible games titles and save your progress to the cloud. Sign in on a different device, and that same progress will be synced. No more replaying Angry Birds levels to try and get 3 stars on every single iPhone and iPad you have.

Game compatibility is a little limited right now, but that should change in the near future. As per the Rovio blog post:

“Rovio Account is currently available in The Croods game globally, and in the classic Angry Birds game on iOS in Finland and Poland. We will gradually introduce Rovio Account into more areas in the future and also add new features.”

If you’ve got it working on your iDevice, let us know what your experience is like. Is it working as advertised?

Via: Rovio

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