Retina iPad mini coming this fall with 2048×1536 display?

Render-iPad-Mini-2What is a week without an iPad mini “Retina display” rumor? Not a complete week in the world of Apple, that’s what. Good thing this came almost just in time, being Thursday and all. On with the rumor though. A new report out of Mobileaks is claiming, you guessed it, that the next iPad mini will have a Retina display. Also included in the post was a supposed render from the tipster (seen above), which has a bezel “brought to a minimum”:

The iPad Mini 2 has not been confirmed by Apple, but we have just received a detailed render of our tipster. In addition, we also received a list of some specifications of the new mini tablet. The screen will remain the same as the first iPad Mini, namely 7.9 inches. But the bezel is brought to a minimum, so there has been a nearly edge-to-edge screen.

The screen resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels, so there is a Retina display with a ppi of 324. The processor of the iPad Mini 2 is the Apple A6X, who also was fitted on the iPad 4.

This Retina iPad mini rumor seems to line up with all the others that we have been hearing, but that bezel reduction doesn’t seem like a possibility to me. But that may just be me, who knows. I like the iPad mini how it is now, and it’s already so small, why make it smaller? A Retina iPad mini at the current size would be just right.

What do you think? Are you hoping for a Retina display on the next iPad mini? Wondering what will happen? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDB, Mobileaks


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  • Flod

    It’s simple for me. If the mini gets a phone, I stay with iOS. Otherwise it’s android, e.g. Galaxy Tab 2, which will have one.

  • negrugabi90

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  • yur0k

    @Flod IP telephony was there since the first VOIP app, why do you need a “cellular” contract phone in it? :) And you still can have a number (Google Voice). The only thing I’m waiting is Mini with Retina + LTE. So I’m getting rid of my iPhone 5 then.