Report: Apple’s worldwide tablet shipments share drops below 40%

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 2.33.18 PMWe all know the iPad sells well (well other than BlackBerry’s CEO). But how well? According to a report coming out of IDC, the iPad maker’s shipments have dropped below 40% of the total tablet shipments. However, it was still at least doubling the second place manufacturer, which was without much surprise, Samsung. This however has shown that over the past 4 quarters, Apple has seen a large drop in shipment share:



As you can see, Apple’s share does seem to be on a little bit of a decline, however with it still being in first (and that curve looking like it is flattening out), it shouldn’t have much to worry about. It should however keep an eye on Samsung and ASUS, which each saw 282.6% and 350.0% growth, respectively. ASUS most likely got a lot of that from its Nexus 7 that it built with Google. It’ll be interesting to see what this quarter shows.

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Via: MacRumors, IDC

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  • MooseMonkey

    This is comparing sales to shipments, not shipments to shipments. Ask any electronic retailer how many Android tablets are on their inventory shelves. Apple only reports actual units sold to a consumer and activated.