Pentagon to give seal of approval to iPhone and Galaxy phones

Galaxy iPhone

The US government’s Department of Defense will soon have more options when it comes to purchasing a business smartphone for use for official government purposes.

The Pentagon is expected to officially approve both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones for use by employees of the Department of Defense. Both companies have been battling for approval by the government, because the current most popular device in the Pentagon is the outdated Blackberry smartphone. The new version of Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, has not yet been approved by the government, meaning agencies are still using the older and outdated versions of the operating system.

While the iPhone is currently in use in many other government agencies, the approval by the Pentagon now allows more private government agencies to use the devices for official business. This also marks a large victory for Samsung, as the South Korean company has been pushing hard to win a spot in the business and enterprise market.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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