Nokia Lumia 925 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Sheets Compared


In case you missed it, Nokia has announced the latest in its range of Windows Phone 8 device. Bearing the now familiar Lumia moniker, the 925 retains a similar design language to its predecessors, but has swapped the bright neon colored polycarbonate to cool aluminum. With this set to be the flagship Windows device this year, I decided to see how the specs compared with our beloved iPhone 5. So, here goes:

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 18.19.39While many eyes will jump immediately to notice the larger screen size, and faster processor, my attention was drawn by the battery life comparison. On 3G, the Lumia 925 boasts over 12 hours of talk time. That’s quite simply astounding. Switch 3G off and you get over 18 hours. From a 2,000mAh that’s impressive.

As you will undoubtedly know, specs only tell half the story. While camera sensors feature the same pixel count, the PureView 1/3″ sensor should outperform the the iPhone without even trying, particularly in low light situations. It promises to be even better than the 920. Glancing at the 925’s product page shows you that Nokia’s focussing on two points here: camera and build quality. The splashes of aluminum with the Polycarbonate back give the Lumia range a more polished, and less colorful look.

What do you make of the new Lumia? Is it a tempting proposition, or will it take a lot more to pry your iPhone from your grip?


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  • naah… yep, that PureView camera on Lumia 925 definitely enticed me…but ….. that OS again….? Seriously? oh darn…forget it ..

  • korokoro

    have you even tried wp8? duh

  • Petr

    that’s the one I’ve been waiting for! :)