New iPhone 5S concept brings thinner bezel, 4.8 inch display, and capacitive home button

As WWDC draws ever nearer, more iPhone 5S concepts are beginning to appear. Now, it’s unlikely we will see the next iPhone at WWDC, but we always like looking ahead at what could be coming. This new concept from Ran Avni, someone who has brought many other concepts before, brings today a concept that gives the iPhone 5S the type of makeover that Samsung gave the S4 when improving on the S3. Keeping the same size chassis as the iPhone 5, Ran simply takes the display and makes it larger, bringing the resolution up to 1320×740 and a 4.8 inch size. Doing so, the bezel is much thinner in this concept, and the home button has been substituted for a capacitive one. Check out the video above for the full look. I really like the idea of keeping the same iPhone 5 chassis, but simply expanding the screen.

What do you think? Like the idea of this? Would you want a 5S like this? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: YouTube

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  • Ran Avni

    Thank you Kyle:)

  • TruthCopy

    “As WWDC Nears…”? No connection. New iPhone will not be announced at WWDC. iOS7? Now that’s a different story, and if it’s more flexible in terms of resolution, that’ll be a clue for the late summer/fall release of the new iPhone. But these guesses about hardware, at this point, don’t do anybody any good.

  • pld940

    This is awesome. Best concept ever!

  • AnthonyKorks

    Not a bad concept for an “S” phone, expanding the screen some, same chassis, but not sure about the capacitive touch button, could be good, then if they just added a little more power like the rest of the “S” models, ir capability, NFC & upped the camera a little in megapixels. But, like said before, just have to wait it out, but those updates & this concept would be good for me on an “S” model….

  • Rottoweb

    If it’s a S model, no apparent modification will be possible. It’s the concept of the S type: same device with inner upgrades.