New iPhone 5 ‘music every day’ TV ad aired [video]

Apple’s advertising tactics have changed incredibly over the past few years. Gone are the days where it compares itself directly with the biggest competitors (unlike Windows) instead, the ads almost always focus solely on the product and its features. The latest iPhone 5 ad named ‘music every day’ shows the advantages of using the iPhone as a media player. What I particularly love is that the creatives in charge of the video opted to let the images do all the talking. The message is simple: all kinds of people love using the iPhone for music, in all kinds of situations. It’s simple, emotive and works without any underhand tactics of trying to put down the opposition.

What do you think? Are Apple’s ads getting better?


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  • maeganb1971

    I have an iPhone at the moment, but still like having a dedicated music player.  I don’t have any music on my phone.  It’s all on my 64 GB 5th gen iPod Touch.

  • JordanTravis

    I think their new ad campaign is wonderful! The simplicity and subtleness of it embraces what the iPhone gives it’s users; the connectivity to others and yourself.