“Metro” iTunes app for Windows 8 still a long way off


Microsoft famously turned the PC world upside down when it officially launched Windows 8, its brand new operating system for PC. The idea being to create a software than worked equally well on tablets and traditional computers. It didn’t go swimmingly to begin with, as reports of people paying to downgrade to Windows 7 started to make their way online.

It’s been a few months since those early adoption days, and the Windows Store is brimming with over 60,000 apps optimized for the new “Metro” user interface. There is one big omission though: iTunes. As reported by The Verge, it’s one of the most sought after and searched for apps in Windows Store, but, Apple seemingly isn’t too keen to create a Metro-cized version of its popular media management suite.

Microsoft isn’t the stumbling block here. Windows’ CFO Tami Reller revealed that the company has tried convincing Apple to create an optimized version of iTunes. In his words: “the welcome mat has been laid out. It’s not for lack of trying.” In this instance, Cupertino’s chiefs are in no rush to create a piece of software to run natively within Windows 8’s Metro UI. In short, don’t go expecting an iTunes app for Windows 8 anytime soon.

This does beg the question: does anyone still use iTunes regularly? Thanks to Spotify, iCloud and services like Netflix for video, I’ve not used it more than a couple of times in the past year. Do you still use it?

Via: TheVerge
Source: CNNMoney

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  • DarrenButz

    I think this is sort of a “In your face. Windows 8 sucks and we want no part of it” move by Apple lol. And hey, if Office isn’t available in the App Store, why should iTunes be available in the Windows store?