Mailbox optimized for iPad


Following the dizzying success of Mailbox’s iPhone launch, Orchestra Inc has today released an iPad optimized version of the app for iOS.

The Version 1.3 update, released today has tailored Mailbox’s sleek user interface and intuitive gestures for the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad, and of course, the iPad mini.

Mailbox CEO Gentry Underwood claims that the move is the completion of the companies first goal, addressing numerous calls from users for an iPad companion to the Mailbox app. The optimization is like for like, so if you’ve ever used Mailbox for iPhone, then your experience will be identical here too, if slightly larger.

As of yet, there’s still no integration with Mailbox’s parent company Dropbox, however Mailbox’s move to iPad provides users with even more of a reason to switch to this Gmail alternative if they so wish. Naturally, Gmail will continue to hold its core fan base as long as the app keeps ticking over. Yet, if the future of Mailbox promises to be as game changing as its past endeavours, then there’s no reason to suggest why the app won’t very quickly become the most popular Gmail client on iOS.


Mailbox is available now universally for iOS! App Store

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