Mail Pilot price slashed: now $9:99 on App Store

A month or so ago we covered new email app Mail Pilot. Mail Pilot is a fantastic new email client which can trace its origins back to Kickstarter.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Much like Mailbox, it uses intuitive gestures to transform your email experience. And, unlike Mailbox, it’s compatible with all providers, Outlook, iCloud, Gmail. It entered the App Store with tremendous success, with many people willing to pay the full $15 price tag to get a slice of the experience. In its first month it hit the front page of the App Store on over 140, and was featured with a banner. Since then it’s received two major updates, making the app even better.

New Features:

  • Attach pictures to messages
  • Send-only (Alias) support
  • Sequential Scrubbing setting
  • Ability to change Completed and default folders

Major Improvements:

  • Rewritten Quick Reply and Forward with additional functionality
  • Auto-detect custom account settings
  • Auto-detect common root folder settings
  • Cleaner message views and folder lists

However, if you bought Mail Pilot in the last week, then I must offer you a sincere apology.

To mark Mail Pilot’s first month on the App Store, and graduation season, Mail Pilot have announced a week-long Graduate to Mail Pilot Sale. Beginning today, Mail Pilot is now $9.99 on the App Store. If you’ve considered getting Mail Pilot, but found yourself put off by the price, or you’re looking for a fresh new email client, then right now is absolutely the best time to grab Mail Pilot on the App Store!

Mail Pilot is available universally on iOS, and is just $9.99 now! App Store


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