Logitech announces new wired iPad keyboard, aimed at education sector


Logitech has become the fore-runner in the race to becoming the supplier of the best iPad keyboards on the planet in recent years. Its Ultrathin and Easy-Switch range are regarded as being the best in the business, and having spent considerable time with both, it’s easy to see why. So, it’s with great excitement that I read of the latest in Logitech’s war-chest, aimed specifically at the iPad-equipped classroom.

“Schools are increasingly purchasing iPads for use in the classroom,” said Mike Culver, vice president and general manager of mobility at Logitech. “While tablets are enabling new ways of teaching and testing, there’s a challenge when a teacher needs to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards. We developed the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad to specifically solve this problem, so students can now simply plug it in and start typing.”

The new Wired Keyboard comes in both 30-pin and Lightning variants and – as with other keyboards – features iOS-optimized hotkeys, it’s durable and has a spill-resistant outer surface making it the ideal classroom accessory. What’s more, it’s considerably cheaper than previous keyboards at just $59, and the Lightning version will be available from August in the US with the 30-pin model coming later on in the year.


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