Latest iPhone 6 concept features curved 4.8″ edge-to-edge display, 3D camera and more [video]

iPhone 6 concept

I think it’s important when viewing concepts to realize that, most of the time, they’re not based on anything that’s going to happen. In fact, sometimes they’re simply the idea of a tech-loving artist who wants all his or her dream features jam-packed in to one device.

The latest iPhone 6 concept from serial mockup-maker, Ran Avni, features an iPhone with some mouth-watering specifications. On the back is a 8MP stereoscopic 3D camera (never going to happen), a 3.2 FaceTime HD camera on the front and an impressive, concave, curved 4.8-inch display on the front.

While I’ve never seen the practical value in curved displays on phones, they certainly do make for an eye-catching feature. Apart from that, the design is clearly inspired by the iPhone 5 with its aluminum and black glass two-tone back.

The only question remaining: what do you think of it?

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  • jcharley22

    *smh*  No, just… no.

  • Kagutaba

    90% of concepts are ugly

  • JaredMadru

    kinda like the curved glass idea, it would make tapping the top or bottom of the phone easier because it slightly raised.

  • pld940

    Ugly. Also, the curved glass to TOO dramatic.The idea is interesting though.

  • It looks like s4 in disguise. :)

  • troyjoy

    I think this is the best concept yet!

  • TWillard

    Is it believed that iOS 6 will be upgradable by current iPod touch’s running iOS 5? Or, will it only be available on new iPhone/touch’s?

  • TiP_Cam

    @TWillard iOS 6 works on the iPhone 3GS, so I imagine that anything from iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th gen will be compatible with iOS 7.

  • Kris

    yeah… apple will have a 4.8″ screen iphone,.. when samsung stops using plastic phone bodies

  • kapz_vee

    TodaysiPhone that is nice

  • Rev_Jager

    TiP_Cam that’s prop my fav iPhone 6 concept that I’ve seen. Idk why, just looks amazing.

  • copito9111

    TodaysiPhone esta bueno

  • poke493

    TodaysiPhone apple won’t go the 3D route.


    adamgipki lol that’s not really rumour? That’s just a mock up of a concept from a crazy Apple loving fan. None if that wudnt happen lol

  • adamgipki

    DARKST4RR Either way, no mater what the rumours are or what fans say, it never happens like that.


    adamgipki I’m sure iPhone 6 will be new model but the next handset will just be upgraded version of iPhone 5 lol

  • adamgipki

    DARKST4RR I will guess now, slightly quicker processor, same shape as iPhone 5 and will have nfc ;-) lol


    adamgipki think it be bigger screen and thinner full hd

  • Taqis59

    farahanafi wah dpt kah milikinya,tentu mahal kan

  • farahanafi

    Taqis59 tidak -.-

  • VagueBlanche_

    AutumnsGrief it looks like crap -_- no one would buy that

  • jabombardier

    Though a creative concept, I am glad that this will not be the next iPhone. It just looks so “imitation”.