Jailbreak: Badger redesigns how app badge notifications work

Badger App

Many looking forward to a redesign of iOS have moved to jailbreaking to satisfy their desire for some redesigning. A new app, called Badger, has redesigned the way the operating system handles notification badges on app icons, and it is beautiful.

The new tweak allows users to swipe on an icon, which will then bring up a box with unread notifications, similar to the notification center, but in a more convenient location right on the app. From the pop up window, the user can then swipe on individual notifications to delete them, or open the app to view the notification.

If you are looking for a better app badge notification system, head on over to the Cydia app store and download Badger now, available for $1.

Do you like the idea of Badger? Is this something that you would hope for in iOS 7, or would you like a more extensive redesign of notifications? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Source: Cult of Mac

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