iWatch concept shows what Maps integration could look like [Images]

iWatch-concept-Maps-Martin-Hajek-005If you remember the renders of the iPhone 5 that looked near exact back before the iPhone 5 was announced, you may also remember the name Martin Hajek, the person behind those awesome renders. Well he has released some renders of what he thinks the rumored iWatch might look like when it is connected to a Maps application, Google Maps in this case. The way that this would work is the devices would simply pair via Bluetooth and information could be exchanged between them, or sent from the iPhone to the watch, allowing your phone to stay in your pocket while you still receive directions via your watch. How cool would that be? Maps integration has been a very talked about subject when it comes to wearable technology, being one of the main features talked about in Google Glass. Look below for a few more renderings.

iWatch-concept-Maps-Martin-Hajek-004 iWatch-concept-Maps-Martin-Hajek-003As you can tell, his view of what the iWatch could look like is almost like a miniaturized, curved iPhone 5, with the chamfered metallic edges all around the sides. This device looks like something that we might see from Apple, however in my opinion, I don’t see it going with leather straps, but that is my own opinion. Not to say I don’t like the idea, it just doesn’t seem like something I would see Apple doing. But then again, it does sell leather bound notebooks from its company store in Cupertino…I would know, I bought one when I visited. Guess we will have to wait and see.

What do you think? Would you like an iWatch like this? Hoping it has deep integration with iOS and iPhones? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDownloadBlog, Martin Hajek



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  • cnote1287

    I don’t have a problem having my phone out, and I don’t like wearing watches. Not for me.

  • KVKdragon

    I’d love to see a smartwatch concept that uses something other than Bluetooth that still allows close-range data exchange. Bluetooth is such a battery killer to smartphones. I’ll use Bluetooth connections for my car or my portable speaker but that’s only because I have the option of charging it (USB input in car or USB wall charger [it’s unlikely that I’ll be using a Bluetooth speaker at an inopportune time])

  • Jiminy_Ts

    Please keep the leather straps, This looks smart, sexy, refined.

  • jamescharley22

    @Jiminy_Ts I think the straps should be either leather OR polyurethane.  Some people don’t like leather, some prefer leather.

  • porn