iRadio song skip feature causing problems with Sony Music – rumor


According to a new report from CNET which cites sources “familiar with the ongoing negotiations,” Apple and Sony Music are working hard to finalize an agreement for Apple’s iRadio streaming service. Apparently, what’s giving Sony pause (pun intended) is the built-in song skip feature. Sony and Apple can’t seem to reach an agreement regarding how much Apple should pay for Sony to allow users to skip over its songs.

In addition to the song skipping feature, the report explains that iRadio will also boast a few capabilities familiar to Pandora users, including the ability to rewind songs and skip to the next selected track. Apple’s been having tons of problems getting iRadio rolling, but now that Google has announced its own Internet radio service called All Access, I’m sure the Cupertino-based company is eager to get its own radio option off the ground.


Via: AppleInsider

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