iPhone 6 concept imagines larger, thinner device with touch sensitive Home Button and 12MP camera [Video]

We’re all used to seeing crazy concepts mocked up by talented designers and artists. But, every once in a while a concept shows up which doesn’t just seek to pack in as many unrealistic features and ideas. This iPhone 6 concept by Arthur Reis is one of the most realistic and classy I’ve seen for a while.

The iPhone 6 render – as imagined by Reis – features a MacBook style touch sensitive pad in place of the traditional click-able Home Button, a larger display, a 12MP camera and measures in at 6.1mm thin, making it 20% thinner than the iPhone 5.

Personally, I think Reis has done a fantastic job of creating something which fits in well with Apple’s design ethos, and features some intriguing and Apple-like improvements on the current generation. If it came out tomorrow, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. As a companion, he’s uploaded a host of photos to Flickr.

What do you think?

Via: Arthur97Reis (YouTube)

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  • Applefangirl

    Honestly, until they come with something in the 5″ range, I am no longer interested.

  • raptorstv

    I agree

  • BillThomas

    I can see all that happening but the larger display..

  • litopr67

    When to come iPhone 6???

  • TiP_Cam

    @litopr67 2014 probably. This year will be an iPhone 5S.

  • TiP_Cam

    @Applefangirl In this day and age, I think it’s necessary for Apple to at least consider a big display. The market has proven that they’re popular.

  • StanleyUgwuezeJr

    Wouldn’t that home screen button be annoying? My fingers usually rest on that part of the phone when I’m holding it, so I’d find it annoying if I constantly accidentally end up editing apps because my finger touched that part of the phone.

  • ZimAli

    The wannabe designer could make it as thin as he wants, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be possible to contain all the electronics from an engineering perspective. At least put a disclaimer into the sentence, otherwise it just sounds foolish to write something like this.

  • That is the dumbest thing anyone can do when it comes to function and common sense for a smart phone. Really??? Do we need to see what’s on the edge of our phone? No.

  • alice

    D’accord,j’aime iphone 6,il est différent d’autres mobile.L’entreprise d’apple a un seul système.Des scientifiques créent aphone particulier.ses équipements sont développés,iphone 6 est très populaire,donc,tout le monde veut avoir accessoire iPhone 6