iPhone 5S parts leaked: Nano-SIM tray, Wi-Fi flex and Home button

bgr-iphone-5s-parts-6BGR has today published pictures of what it claims are parts of the iPhone 5S.

Be warned, these aren’t significant parts, and they don’t really show any huge changes, but take a look anyway.

The first part is definitely a nano-SIM tray. BGR claims it is slightly thinner than that of the iPhone 5, and the different colouring could suggest a variance in iPhone 5S color, or it may just not be a finished product, or this may be a huge pack of lies…

There’s also a vibrating motor, a Wifi flex cable ribbon, a loud speaker and ear speaker bracket redesign. Note that the vibrating motor has been linked once before, however the photos supplied this time are of a higher detail. Check out all the images below, and leave your thoughts in the comments! Are they really from the iPhone 5S?


Via: BGR


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