iPhone 5 camera pitted against Nokia Lumia 925, Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z in lowlight shoot

Nokia has recently pitted the cameras of the 5 most prominent smartphones out there right now in a lowlight camera test.

Nokia pitted the iPhone 5 against the Galaxy S4, the Xperia Z, the HTC One, and its very own Nokia Lumia 925. Using the same shot each time with the same lighting and each phones automatic settings, the results are clear.

The Nokia Lumia 925 manages to capture a much better image than its predecessors, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Sony Xperia Z


iPhone 5


Samsung Galaxy S4




Nokia Lumia 925


Via: Nokia



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  • Tuliomesa82

    thats bs its the same position of the same person holding the same cup in the same angle, they just filtered that ish

  • Aznboi562

    Lol so true I have the iPhone 5 and low light really sucks to my friends htc one, overall I got to mess with the s4 also and it’s not all that great at 13.1 camera. In daylight I love my iPhone 5 it’s the best, but htc did well with night shot. The s4 did improve from s3 big difference.

  • Aznboi562

    Oh I like to see the Nokia in action to see if this is true, on paper anything looks good till you use it in real time situation.