iPhone 4 got a wiggly power button? There’s a $5 million lawsuit for that…

iPhone 4

We’re used to hearing of Apple being the subject of a lawsuit or two. Whether it’s a huge patent litigation case against the likes of Motorola, Samsung and HTC or a class-action lawsuit instigated by disgruntled customers. In the past, these kinds of lawsuits have led to Apple recently paying out $15 per customer for its “Antennagate” issues, and millions in refunds for “accidental” in-app purchases.

This time around it’s to do with the much-maligned “wiggly” power/lock button on the iPhone 4. Floridian, Debra Hilton claims that Apple was aware of a flaw in the flex cable controlling the power button, but refused to disclose the issue to ensure it sold millions more handsets.

On behalf of thousands of iPhone 4 customers, Hilton is seeking $5 million in damages from our favorite fruit company, and filed her lawsuit on the 10th of May in San Jose, California. And, since in most cases, the fault only seems to rear its ugly head once the device is over a year old, and outside its AppleCare warranty, it’s left some customers paying up to $150 to get them fixed.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this one plays out. We’ll keep an eye out for more developments as they come. If you’ve experienced this “wiggly button” problem, head on over to the Apple Support forum and sound off in the thread. There are plenty of others going through it, and some have found inexpensive ways to ease the symptoms.

Via: GigaOM

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