iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/6 concept shows off stylish device and minimalist Lock Screen [video]

iOS-7-concept-Jurgen-Ulbrich-003We’ve seen and shared our fair share of iOS 7 and iPhone 6 concepts here at TiP. But, they just keep on coming. It’s fair to say that designers everywhere are eager to see and imagine what Jony Ive is planning with the next generation hardware and operating system.

This most recent design features an iPhone with an iPad mini/iPod touch like hardware design. Its rounded edges and flat anodized aluminum back are very reminiscent of the smaller Apple tablet and media players. When combined with the artist’s idea of the perfect, flat and useful Lock Screen concept it makes for a very appealing package.

The concept was designed by Jürgen Ulbrich and featured over at German language Apple fan blog Check it out and let us know what you think:

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