Never be without a file again with iExplorer HD [Review]

Just in case you don’t have enough file sharing/viewing apps to choose from, we’re giving you one more to consider. iExplorer HD is a “file access and management tool that enables you to watch movies, listen to music, review documents, look through photos, and so much more without using up storage space on your iPhone or iPad.

iExplorer HD aims to take the multitasking out of, well, multitasking. After setting up links to remote servers, personal computers, and cloud drives, finding and viewing content is a piece of cake. In fact, the experience is made even more seamless through the app’s built-in media player, viewers, and text editor, as well as AirPlay for streaming and AirPrint for printing.

iExplorer HD

Currently, iExplorer HD supports Windows Sharing Files, NAS server, FTP server, and cloud serves like iDisk,, CloudMe, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Docs. There are several ways to access and share data through the app. For example, you can transfer files between iPad and remote servers, between iPad and PC with a USB cable, or between iOS devices using Bluetooth.

Getting started might be a little challenging if you haven’t used a file-sharing app before. In that case, I suggest you watch the tutorial videos by tapping on My Documents. There you’ll find two videos that cover transferring and viewing files as well as a text document that details the getting started process. Personally, I’d love a few more obvious cues on the app itself — while simple in design, I didn’t find it very intuitive.

iExplorer HD 2

I also wish there was an easier way for me to access the files already on my iOS device, such as my photos. It looks like the only way to do this is to upload them to Dropbox and download them through the app, or connect my phone/iPad to my computer. It seems a bit counterintuitive. That said, I’m a stickler when it comes to organizing and managing my files. So although I didn’t fall in love with iExplorer HD, that doesn’t mean you won’t.

I think there are some easier apps out there for beginners like me, but if you’re serious about accessing all of your data while on the go, and are willing to drop $4.99 for an app to manage all of it, then consider adding iExplorer HD to your mobile tool set.


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